The first thing you notice when you step up to the Grill Chasers truck is the aroma of their flame-grilled chickens. It sweeps you off the streets to somewhere in the backcountry where the outdoors is considered a flavor ingredient. It’s all part of the plan of Grill Chasers owners, founders, and longtime Chicagoans Gary and Jami Steinberg.

As the keeper of the flame, Gary has a way with flame-grilling birds for over two decades. But his career on the trading floor had always preempted his move into a full-time cooking business. Until now. Gary and Jami have traded places with their corporate careers and have entered the food truck business with a burst of flames and a thing for building combinations of flavors that are signature Grill Chasers cuisine.


Gary’s technique at bringing out the most natural and juicy flavors from a chicken is a gift. Actually, it’s a gift to his customers. There’s nothing that tastes like a chicken when it’s patiently brined and marinated and then bathed in flames so skillfully that you’ve never tasted such intense natural flavors. That’s why we’re just repeating what a lot of customers say when they first taste the flame-grilled chicken, “I’LL TAKE IT STRAIGHT!”


But for most, the natural flame-grilled chicken is just the beginning. Lively fresh marinades and chasers can be paired with your chicken to take you from sizzling good to boldly amazing. Citrus-infused flavors meld with chili peppers in the Olé Bird marinade for a Southwestern kick. The Chicago Bird marinade is accented with fresh herbs, peppercorn, shallots, olive oil and a splash of lemon for full-flavored textures that are sensational when combined with the flame-grilled chicken.

And finally, chasing the flavor home are the dipping sauces we refer to as Chasers. All fresh and fragrant, these sauces and relishes add that layer of flavor that makes the meal a little more fiery or a little sweeter or even a little more BBQ-y as any outdoor meal should taste.

Whether it’s straight or with a chaser, your order at Grill Chasers will overturn your expectations of what flame-grilled chicken should be. And you’ll be chasing the bird for more.



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