Consider a Grill Chasers Catered Bar Mitzvah

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A Blessing on Wheels.

When the tradition in the synagogue at your son or daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah ends, turn to something a bit untraditional for the celebration – a fully catered event by the Grill Chasers Food Truck.

Special doesn’t begin to describe the experience Grill Chasers can bring to a group of celebrating 13-year-olds and their family and friends. With custom and affordable menus built around anything that can be fired up on the grill… to the fun and unique atmosphere of one of the most popular food trucks in the area… to our full staff of catering pros who take all of the stress out of your day… Grill Chasers can turn a festive meal into the delicious uniqueness you want for your son or daughter’s special day.

The Grill Chasers Catering Philosophy: Service. Taste. Service.

It starts and ends with service. How we serve you and your guests our delicious food is what makes Grill Chasers a catering find for you. For catering events, our guests want the fun food truck experience – but with none of the lines. We’re able to do that by preparing our grilled chicken skewers, wings, veggies, ribs, steaks, burgers – or whatever is on your menu – in buffet style where the Grill Chasers food truck is turned into a truck-sized serving station with trays of food set out alongside the truck for easy access to many guests at once.

Our chefs constantly keep the trays filled with the hot, delicious – and kosher if you like – flame-grilled fare we are famous for. We also set up a table next to the truck where we have our Mac ‘N’ Cheese, slaw, mango salsa and ‘chasers’ station. Chasers are what we call our sauce blends that ramp up the flavor and chase down the flame-grilled meats and veggies.

Consider a Grill Chasers Food Truck Bar Mitzvah. We’re delicious. And we’re mobile. We’ll go where the Haftarah goes. Visit our photo gallery here to view our dishes and events to get a taste of what your Bar or Bat Mitzvah could be like.

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Sous ChefConsider a Grill Chasers Catered Bar Mitzvah